Turkish Palm Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish palm oil, Turkey palm oil manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality palm oil from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

s confectionery ingredients, beverage ingredients, dairy products, chocolate, biscuit, cocoa powder, carrageenan, pectin, citric acid, sorbitol, whole milk powder, milk powder, skimmed milk powder, palm oil, skimmed milk powder, sugar powder, whey powder, gelatine, cocoa butter, glucose, fructose, crystaline fructose, nuts, hazelnut, pistachio, cashow, almond, walnut, alkalized cocoa powder, natural cocoa powder, ice cream ingredient
s almonds, black pepper, cardamom, chickpeas, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, corn oil, kidney beans, lentils, medical gloves, milk powder, palm oil, red mercury, refined sunflower cooking oil, rubber latex, silver mercury, sisal fiber, ssd solution, sugar, yeast
RESOURCE UNIVERSE LTD.        Çin     chang Mi    
s behenic acid, chemical materials, chrome ore, drilling mud chemicals, erucic acid, fatty amides, fatty primary amides, ferro alloy, manganese alloy, manganese ore, melamine, nitrocellulose, ore, palm oil, potash flotation separation additives, silicon metal, silicone intermediates, sulphur, tallow oil
LOBBEX OIL        Kamerun     Lobbex Oil    
s bananas, canola oil, coconut oil, corn oil, cotton seed oil, jatropha oil, olive oil, palm oil, soybean oil, sugar, sunflower oil, vegetable ghee
PROXY GHANA LTD.        Gana     Robert Ofori Acheampong    
s bitumen, cement, fertilizer, industrial battery, nkp, palm kernel shell, palm oil, refined sugar, rice, urea n46
AZ CUBE SERVICE AND SUPPLY        Malezya     Shean Sahu    
s palm oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, coconut oil, soybeans oil, black pepper, white pepper, clove, cardamom, walnuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, almond
BTS TRADE SP. Z O.O.        Polonya     Kamil Kopec    
s oil, tallow, beef tallow, rapeseed oil, meat meals, blood meal, poultry meal, petfood, gliceryne, cosmetic industry, commodity, palm oil, coconut oil, tallow, poultry meal
ALMUTTAHIDE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Burak DOLAPÇIOĞLU    
s cookin oils, vegetable oils, edible oils, olive oils, flour, palm oils, corn flakes, marbles, natural stones, cookin oil, vegetable oil, edible oil, olive oil, palm oil, corn flake, marble, natural stone, food products, food, virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, marble flooring, marble slab, split face marble, cooking oil, polished marble, cooking oils, white flour, pastry flour, marble floor tiles, whole wheat flour, corn flour, natural olive oil, natural virgin olive oil, brushed marble, bread flour, wheat flour, foodstuff, marble tiles, marble slabs, hammered marble, natural palm oil
MODEL TICARET        Ukrayna     Model Ticaret ithalat ihracat    
s metal, palm, palm oil, spare parts, types of oil, oil seeds, food products, flour
IRIS TRADE        Türkiye     Iris Nijimbere    
s leather, shoes, sandals, women, sesame, sesame seeds, sesame oil, coconut, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, cashew nuts, elevator, cashew nuts
SUN LINK GLOBAL ENTERPRISE        İngiltere     A Mukhopadhyay    
s cooking oils, palm oil, food products, commodities, rice, buying agent
AFRICPLAZA A.S.        Kamerun     EGBE KEVIN BASUM    
s fresh onion, fresh tomato, honey, jumbo virginia peanuts, palm oil, popcorn and corn, red beans, soyerbeans, red beans
BLUE STAR TRADING        Gana     Abdurrahman Tiryaki    
s charcoal, cacao, palm oil, dried fruits, banana, pineapple, coconut, construction materials, furniture, gift cards, clothings, garments, antiques posters, candles
SNM DIS TICARET GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Akın Gönenç ÖZKARA    
s foods, foodstuffs, biscuits, salmon fishes, canned salmon fishes, canned products, canned foods, corn oils, vegetable oils, cooking oils, olive oils, sunflower oils, drinking water, bottled water, eggs, chicken eggs, flavoured drinks, beverages, frozen chickens, frozen fishes, fruit juices, palm oils, soybean oils, food, foodstuff, biscuit, salmon fish, canned salmon fish, canned product, canned food, corn oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, tomato paste, sugar, pasta, beverage, soybean oil, macaroni, fruit juice, spaghetti, frozen chicken, frozen fish, egg, palm oil, canned tuna fish, wheat flour, uht milk, chicken egg, flavoured drink, fruit flavoured drink
WORLDTRADE        Türkiye     semra hilton    
s buy, edible oil, industrial oil, palm oil, sell, worldtrade
SERNEKS TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Süha MERZE    
s pulses, legumes, green lentils, lentil, red lentil, chickpeas, pasta, almonds, hazelnut, pistachio, spirit alcohol, turkish delight, olive oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, cream cheese, milk powder, egg, dried figs, dried apricot, corn flakes, bedlinen, towels, towel, terry towel, soft towel, hand towel, bath towel, raisin, confectionery, candy, granite, food products, pvc layflat hose, beverages, dried fruits, led lighting, kitchen appliances, drinks, construction materials, building materials, white goods, blankets, doors, ovens, steel door, dairy products, white marble, marble slab, hose, pavers, hotel towels, cookers, spaghetti, energy drinks, round oven, construction irons, luminaires, lighting fixtures, cooking equipments, gas cookers, kitchen equipments, marble emperador, whole fat cheese, non alcoholic beverages, foodstuff, domestic ovens, marble, natural stone, led luminaires, household stoves, electrical kitchen appliances, sweeties, alcoholic beverages, reinforced bar, marble slabs, charcoal, dolomite, mojito, tequila, cocktail drinks, electric heaters, low fat cheese, halloumi cheese, spa towel, triangle cheese, shell pasta, penne rigatte, turkish labneh, cocoa flakes, pvc spaghetti hose, marble medi black, cobble stone, led lighting fixtures, led bulb light, led candle lights, led spot lights, led panel lights, led waterproof lights
FREELANCER FOOD PRODUCTS        Senegal     YADE Saliou    
s sesame seed, ginger, palm oil, pepper, soja been, etc.
s cooking oil, vegetable oil, palm oil, edible oil, sunflower oil, palm olein, rbd palm oleein
ZAFER YAGLAR SANAYI TIC LTD STI        Türkiye     zafer    
s coconut oil, palm oil, soap noodles, soap, cooking oil
s edible oils, canola oil, soybean oil, oilve oil, palm oil